Spring is here & it’s time to clean up! Here are some target areas to focus on to maintain peak Board of Health standards. We also recommended the proper Cleanse Tec cleaning products to get the job done…

Every Room
Cleanse All Orange: All Purpose Cleaner + Orange Scent

■ Dust- Ceiling Fans, Shelves, Artwork
■ Windows- Wipe windows & glass surfaces
■ Tables & Counters- wipe off dirt & fingerprints
■ Furniture- Vacuum & wash down upholstery on chairs
■ Carpets- Vacuum & shampoo any rugs and floor mats
■ Hard Floors- Sweep & mop the entire area

Kitchen Klenz: Commercial Kitchen Cleaner 

■ Oven- Wipe grease & clean under the oven
■ Refrigerator- Discard expired food & wipe shelves
■ Appliances- Remove scraps & wipe clean
■ Dishwasher- Flush wash arms & clear debris
■ Countertop- Sanitize tops & cutting blocks
■ Pantry- Wipe surfaces & rotate stock

Latrine Clean: Ready to Use Bathroom Cleaner

■ Faucets & Showers- Clean chrome fixtures
■ Toilets- Scrub & flush toilets
■ Storage- Discard junk & restock supplies
■ Mirrors- Wipe to remove fingerprints
■ Trash- Empty & wash out bins
■ Refill Toiletries- Replenish hand soap & paper products

Rinse Quat: EPA Registered Quaternary Sanitizer
■ Desks- Remove clutter & wipe surfaces
■ Books- Dust off shelves & reorganize
■ Computers- Sanitize mouse & keyboards
■ Closets- Remove junk & donate old clothes
■ Couches- Vacuum upholstery & wipe surfaces clean
■ Break Areas- Remove trash & wipe surfaces