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Chlorinated Alkaline Cleanser
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Product Description

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Chlorinated Alkaline Cleanser

This highly concentrated, chlorinated cleaner is designed to quickly penetrate and remove a wide variety of soils in the food and beverage processing environment.

Foaming Sanitizer Dissolves Bacteria

SaniClean effectively lifts animal fats, greases and other food residues while completely stripping protein films from equipment, cutting blocks, walls, floors, etc. Compatible with most equipment and spray washers or can be used manually.

How to Use SaniClean

SPRAY APPLICATION:  Apply liberally to all washable surfaces including cutting boards, floors, walls, tables, etc. Allow to cling to surface for at least 5 minutes. Rinse using potable water. Let surfaces drain dry. Do not wipe dry. Tilt movable surfaces to aid water run-off.