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Bac Trap

Active Bacteria Cultures To Clean Grease Traps
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Product Description

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Grease Trap Cleaning Made Simple!

Bac Trap contains natural bacteria cultures engineered specifically for grease trap cleaning. As the grease builds up, the risk of clogs and overflows increases significantly. With a daily dose of Bac Trap, your grease trap will never clog up. If left untreated, you may eventually need to replace your trap, which can be very costly. So don’t fall into that trap…eat away the grease with Bac Trap!


Why are cleaning grease traps so important?

Grease traps are used for filtering out materials like oils and fats from the kitchen. They do not allow waste to enter common sewage systems. These traps must be cleaned periodically. If they are not cleaned regularly, the grease, oil, and fat can clog up your drainage system. This can cause overflowing sewage , environmental problems, property damage, and various health hazards from dangerous bacteria contamination. Regular treatments with Bac Trap can prevent potential problems before they arise.

How to use Bac Trap

To treat grease traps, you can add Bac Trap directly to the trap through the clean out opening, or inject it into the trap with an electronic dispenser. When treating a multi-floor building, always begin by treating the lower floor first. This way, organic matter that breaks loose on the upper floors will not cause clogs as they travel down and out of the building.


¡No más grasa!

BacTrap contiene cultivos de bacterias naturales diseñados específicamente para comer la grasa atrapada en sus trampas. Como la grasa se ​​acumula, el riesgo de obstrucciones y desbordamientos aumenta significativamente . Con una dosis diaria de BacTrap , su trampa de grasa nunca va a obstruir . Si no se trata , es posible que con el tiempo tenga que reemplazar su trampa, que puede ser muy costoso. ¡Así no caer en esa trampa … comer lejos la grasa con BacTrap !