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Warewashing Equipment Sales and Lease.
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Equipment BrandsThe Right Machine for you! We sell it. We install it. We service it.
Cleanse Tec stands behind the warewashing equipment we distribute. We offer installation, maintenance, and emergency service for all the equipment we carry.

Purchase, lease, or rent. It’s up to you!
Our flexible model puts you in charge of how you finance your facility’s equipment. We also offer the ability to purchase equipment at the end of any lease.

Carrying all major brands.
American Dish Service, Insinger, Champion, Milnor, Wascomat, Glastender, CMA Dish Machines, Hobart, Unimac, Jackson, Meiko

Lease to Own vs Renting: 3 Pros and Cons to consider
Here’s an overview of some of the things you should bear in mind before deciding when to buy and when to rent equipment…

1. Current financial situation: This seems like the most obvious factor to consider – do you currently have the capital to buy or is renting your warewashing equipment a better option for now? But you should look beyond your current situation and project your costs over several months or years. Although buying may be a larger one-time financial outlay, the cost of renting can add up quickly, and over a long period of time can end up costing you more – especially if the equipment isn’t being used for the entire rental period. And don’t forget: when you own, you can see a return on your investment if you decide to sell.

2. Cost of ownership vs cost of renting: It’s also important to estimate the cost of warewashing equipment ownership versus the cost of renting. With ownership comes maintenance and operating costs, insurance and other fees such as government licensing, and those costs obviously vary from machine to machine. But Cleanse Tec customers have free maintenance available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Talk to your financial advisor about the possible tax implications (or advantages) of buying or renting equipment for your business. Tip for U.S. equipment owners: you may be able to avoid paying capital gains tax when you sell and buy equipment for your business.

3. Equipment availability & usage: The big advantage of owing your own equipment is that it’s available to you 24/7 – “if you own it, you control it”, as the saying goes. You can react to unexpected changes in projects or project schedules, take on jobs at a moment’s notice and complete projects with less downtime. Before you decide whether to rent or buy, you should weigh the potential risk of a rental company not having the proper machine you need when you need it. Owning can be a benefit to potential clients too, who see it and know you’re not only equipped to take on their job, but are a stable, trustworthy business.