Avoid Fines! When Is Your Snow Removal Deadline?

calcium chloride snow melt

The east coast is expecting a major snow event throughout the week — which means you’ll need to be ready to shovel your sidewalks. Business owners are responsible for clearing snow off their sidewalks to prevent injuries and lawsuits. Some communities even fine residents over snowy sidewalks. Homeowners who don’t clear their sidewalks of snow within 24 hours of a snowstorm face $25 fines. The fine is $150+ for businesses that don’t clear snow within eight daylight hours, according to a new law. Also remember that your neighbors who are senior citizens or who have disabilities may need help before, during and after the storm. Calcium Chloride is your solution…
  • Melts snow and ice 2X more than rock salt
  • Melts 3X more ice than urea
  • Melts 7X more ice than potassium chloride

The Best Way To Avoid Shoveling Fines

ice & snow melter
According to the New York City Administrative Code, every owner, property manager, tenant or other individual in charge of a property must clean snow and ice from the sidewalks in front, on the side of and in back of their areas within a certain time frame. Those who don’t comply with the law can be fined $100 to $350 for subsequent offenses. In addition, business owners are legally liable for any injuries that pedestrians suffer on the un-shoveled sidewalks for which they’re responsible. This kind of incident can be easily avoided with Calcium Chloride.
  • Melts snow and ice 2X more than rock salt
  • Melts 3X more ice than urea
  • Melts 7X more ice than potassium chloride

Handy Outdoor Dining Checklist

Handy Outdoor Dining Checklist - Cleanse Tec

1. Start from the Ground Up

As ordinary people pass by your restaurant, they are transformed into potential patrons. The first experience of your storefront in the busy urban cityscape is where their feet land, the smells they experience, and the visual effects of your standard of cleanliness.

As you can see in our City Sidewalk Cleaner Videos, sanitation workers often drag refuse and greasy bags across the public sidewalk to be loaded into garbage trucks.

City Sidewalk Cleaner - Cleanse Tec

2. Appealing Dining Surfaces

There’s not much else to say about sanitation. It’s simply not optional! Clean and sanitize in one spray. Our Rinse Quat is an EPA certified sanitizing solution.City sidewalk dining tables chairs  - Cleanse-Tec

3. Pleasant Smells

This is more than simply a pleasantry. Our brains are hard-wired to track and identify safe food sources. Our nose knows. When fruit flies find grease, soils, and organic refuse, they thrive. A bio-active product like Fly Away, attacks the debris that attracts pests of all sizes. A daily a spray in your bins, buckets, and garbage pails guarantees fresh odors and a pleasant experience for customers.

Soapy with bright oranges, lines and lemons. Blog Header.

4. Shabby Chic is Shabby

Nothing says neglect like rust and peeling paint! SS Polish treats existing rust stains and ensures extended shine and use.

Shabby Chic is just Shabby - Stainless Steel Polish by Cleanse Tec

5. Windows are the Eyes to the Kitchen

Clear View Glass Cleaner provides a shine that will outlast a dinner shift. When your front windows shine, passerby’s can expect a sparkling clean kitchen.

Clean Windows Clear View  - Cleanse Tec


Cleanse Tec is the complete solution to your restaurant, hotel, or gym’s kitchen and laundry cleaning needs. With more than 37 years of experience and 100% American-made cleaning products manufactured right in our Connecticut-based factory, we have what it takes to get and keep your facility sparkling clean.

Need a new kitchen? Eco-friendly cleaning products? Dishwasher rental? Laundry machine repair? Cleanse Tec’s in-house staff of trained designers know all the ins and outs of custom kitchen design, and our wide range of cleaning products has you more than covered. Cleanse Tec also offers rental equipment, preventative maintenance, and 24-hour emergency service to keep your kitchen or laundry running smoothly.

Cleanse Tec provides the products, service, and expertise necessary to be your convenient one-stop shop, so call 1-800-MIX-SOAP today or visit us online at cleansetec.com.

Curb Appeal Elevates Outdoor Dining

Elevate Sidewalk Dining - Curb Appeal Brings in New Customers - Cleanse Tec - NYC

Clean Sidewalks Create Curb Appeal.

Spring time means warmer weather. Warmer weather means foot traffic. People are out and about. This time of year gives your restaurant the opportunity to attract more people!

If you can, make your patio dining visible to pedestrians and people driving by. Depending on your establishment type, you may want to offer an outdoor bar and put in an extra server’s station outside. In addition, a patio dining area typically includes the following:

  • Outdoor tables
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Umbrellas

With all the news eyes on your establishment, it may be time to assess your curb appeal and make some changes.

Curb Appeal

Having an uninviting exterior or dirty windows is the same as a homeowner with weeds and trash in his front yard. People just keep on driving by assuming that it is the same inside.

Clean Up

Start with collecting any litter that may have been missed during your normal outside pickup. Sweep up any leaves and dirt that are in your outside dining area. Cleanse Tec recommends using City Sidewalk Cleaner. Available in Powder or Liquid, this product lifts dirt particles off of the concrete so it can be easily washed away, leaving the sidewalk cleaner and whiter.

Update & Paint

A quick and cost effective way to give your business an update is… Paint! The most successful restaurants we have seen are the managers that follow a “Like New” philosophy. No matter how small a fix, do it right away! Refresh your storefront with a coat of paint and choose colors that represent your restaurants theme and atmosphere.

Add A Seasonal Touch

For spring, add some colorful potted plants and flowers in your outside eating areas.

Outdoor Menus

If you are in an area with heavy sidewalk traffic, outdoor menus are an excellent way to showcase your offerings. You can use a menu board or a simple paper menu in a display case or window to list your offerings. An outdoor chalk board can be used too. Display it prominently and change it often. Highlight the day’s specials or write amusing quotes to attract attention.

Start Cooking

Let the enticing smells from your kitchen attract hungry passers-by. Make sure the cleanliness of your restaurant allows the fragrant flavors of your cuisine to be noticed first!

Sidewalk Success!

Start your exterior update today. Visually invite people into your restaurant through outdoor dining. Make sure that your exterior restaurant design is attractive and eye-catching, and that it clearly communicates to onlookers what your restaurant has to offer. For more inspiration, check out timeout.com‘s article on NYC outdoor dining.