What Is The Best Way To Prevent Food-Borne Outbreaks?

“1 in 6 Americans are sickened from food-borne diseases.”

According from the NYS Department of Health, “128,000 people are hospitalized and 3,000 die” every year. This can be prevented by following a strict cleaning regiment. Cleanse Tec offers these efficient sanitizing solutions…


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Cleanse Tec Free Installation

Cleanse Tec offers free installation and service for our product dispensers, warewashing and laundry machines. That’s right! We will design a fully functional cleaning system custom tailored to your business. (Please note that all installations must comply with local codes, or in the absence of local codes, with the National Electric Code.) In addition, we offer 24 hour emergency service. Just in case of any unexpected malfunctions with your warewashing and laundry systems. All delivered to your business with no hidden costs or fees. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the video below to see the Cleanse Tec team in action.

Free Installation Call Cleanse Tec @ 718-346-9111

Call 718-346-9111 to speak with a live Cleanse Tec Cleaning Expert.

Why CleanseTec Customers Don’t Panic: 24/7 Emergency Service


New machine, new headaches?

Buying a new product is great, especially when it is something your business needs. Sure, many business owners can relate to the excitement of having a shiny new machine in their store that will make everything more efficient. At least that is how you feel on the first day. What about 3 months down the road, or a year? Is your machine still in tip-top shape? Do your employees thoroughly know how to use it? Do you have new employees that need training so your machine doesn’t get damaged? Do you have time for these headaches? That would be a definite NO!

Know what comes with your dishwasher machine service

When looking for suppliers and equipment retailers, quality parts and machines are just as import as the follow-up customer service provided by companies. Image this: It’s been a busy week at Joe’s Restaurant in downtown Manhattan, and Saturday night means it is just going to get busier. Then the punches start coming in – two of your kitchen assistants call in sick, table turnover is going too slow, the line outside is getting filled with grumpy rumblings of impatient customers and then…..your dish machine breaks.

CleanseTec Customers Don’t Panic

While this may cause panic for people, you know all you need to do is make a phone call, yes a 9 p.m. phone call on a Saturday night to your supplier and you know you will have a technician out there getting your machine fixed. Your Saturday night is saved and your restaurant’s reputation is still stellar.

Sound good? That’s a definite YES! Cleanse Tec  knows the importance of everything going smoothly and everything running for a restaurant to be successful. Your kitchen cannot skip a beat.

Here For You-Design, Maintenance, Training

Cleanse Tec is with you through all the steps of service.  Cleanse Tec will start by custom designing warewashing, laundry, and dispenser systems.  The plans are custom fit to your business’ size specifications for maximum efficiency without conflicting with your other appliances. Next is installation. We come to you and install your machines and dispensers, making sure everything is calibrated and working perfectly.

Our experts will then train you and your employees. They teach you how to properly operate and maintain your machines. Do you need to access training again? Do you need a custom video made? We have excellent training videos here. Our video library is always expanding.

One Stop Shop – Machines, Service, Soap

Your dish machine works best when well taken care of. Preventative maintenance and quality soap subscriptions will extend the life of the machine and drastically reduce any emergency. Cleanse Tec’s preventative maintenance program covers routine cleaning and makes sure your machines continue to certify with local health standards.

Sometimes, emergencies do happen. With Cleanse Tec technicians are on stand-by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are always prepared to handle any breakdown. Your machine will be up and running in no time.

As a soap manufacturer with a factory right here in NY, we produce all of our soap products and pass the savings straight to you – there is no middle man!


Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen!

kitchen pestsSpring is Here– And So Are the Pests!

Ahhh.. spring.  The snow has melted, the sun is shining, the flowers blooming…and rats, mice and racoons have come out to play.  Not all critters are welcome guests, especially when you are trying to keep a clean and sanitary kitchen.  Pests can really put a damper on your reputation as well as your budget.  If they get into your kitchen, they can ruin your food, leave droppings and other messes and can scare customers away faster than you can say “rat poison”.  Here are some tips for keeping your establishment pest free.  And, of course, your Cleanse Tec representative is always available for tips and advice on ways to keep your kitchen spotless!

  • Pests are not invited to this party: Be sure to make that clear by cleaning up food scraps and other sources of food, repairing water leaks, and increasing ventilation.
  • Not getting past this velvet rope:  Make areas less accessible to pests by repairing holes and installing barriers.
  • Trap those buggers: If despite your best efforts, those pests still find their way into your business, use traps to catch and release them for a more humane way to treat the problem.
  • Exterminate when necessary:  Especially in old buildings like many in NYC, pest problems may have been going on for years and the problem is bigger than a few traps and precautions can handle.  As a last resort, bringing in the heavy artillery (exterminators) may be your best solution.  It is certainly better than trying to run a food business with a pest infestation!
  • In this case, trash is trash: Although we are typically an Earth friendly company, any products contaminated with pesticides should be sent directly to the landfill and not for recycling or reusing.

Keeping pests at bay is an ongoing and seasonal issue that affects almost every commercial kitchen.  Make it part of your business to ensure you follow the tips above and keep your space sparkling clean with products from Cleanse Tec