calcium chloride snow melt

The east coast is expecting a major snow event throughout the week — which means you’ll need to be ready to shovel your sidewalks. Business owners are responsible for clearing snow off their sidewalks to prevent injuries and lawsuits. Some communities even fine residents over snowy sidewalks. Homeowners who don’t clear their sidewalks of snow within 24 hours of a snowstorm face $25 fines. The fine is $150+ for businesses that don’t clear snow within eight daylight hours, according to a new law. Also remember that your neighbors who are senior citizens or who have disabilities may need help before, during and after the storm. Calcium Chloride is your solution…
  • Melts snow and ice 2X more than rock salt
  • Melts 3X more ice than urea
  • Melts 7X more ice than potassium chloride